Aminn Tamsouh

Aminn TAMSOUH, 25y

Apprentice engineer in computer science, passionate about data univers.

I'm currently an engineer student in my second year in Orange company. I will graduate in September 2020. I'm seeking to pursue my carrer as an Engineer in a foreign country to gain experience. My experience in Orange and my different projects in the data field made me discorver a whole new world about data exploitation and calculation. It's a very intresting field in my opinion.

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My skills


  • SQL9
  • Semantique6
  • Java8
  • Scala7
  • Graphe8
  • JS / JQuery6
  • Modélisation8
  • C,C++9

  • Fluent english
  • Adapt
  • Innovation
  • Initiative

My experiences

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  • orange
    Apprentice Engineer in computer science

    Since 2017 : Engineer in apprentiship in Fiber Cost Optimization. Data Analyst, Quality, Creating tool for data calculation. Query development and data vizualisation.

  • orange
    Software Developer

    Septembre 2016-August 2017 : apprentiship in Orange company. I was an in the outsourcing department, as a software developer. Software implentation, that requiered a lot of testing and quality of data. I did Software Licence management by redistributing software's Licence by SQL Queries.

  • aldo
    Assistant manager - Salesman

    Summers 2015-2016 : Salesmans. Stock management, Assistant Manager, Key Holder, team management.

  • hsbc

    2010 : Interniship in HSBC. Account Management, client management.

My Projects

  • Blockchain Retail

    During a Hackathon on data, my team and I had developped an app using the blockchain technology to optimize the industrual Supply Chain for Client/Saler type of company (Amazon for exemple). This project was succesful and gave us the second place of the Hackathon. The hackton took place in UCLL in Leuven, Belgium. This projet was sponsored by IBM and suppervised by IBM's engineers to teach us Blockchain Technology. All my work are now the propriety of IBM Company.

    Languages used : SCALA / Script / Git

  • Spark-Notebook

    For my University project, my team and I had developper of the integration of a visual library for data analyses. (SMILE librairy)

  • RING

    School Project, a role playing game with a graphic interface in 2D, coded in JAVA and Eclipse IDE.

    Languages used : JAVA / Tiled (Map Editor)


    During my first year in University, I had the opportunity to use free librairy to develop and board game in C. The game was playable in a terminal.

    Language used : C

My contact

You can reach me through LinkedIn or by email

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